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I am passionate that my cakes should always taste as amazing as they look.  West End Cakes are baked from scratch (no cake mixes in my kitchen) and made with top quality ingredients, such as free-range eggs, Welsh butter, Nielsen-Massey vanilla extract and quality chocolate. All cakes are baked to order to ensure they are at their very best for you.

A variety of flavours and fillings are available, the most popular being:

Traditional rich fruit cake, made with a selection of dried fruits, almonds and spices, steeped in brandy and matured for a minimum of 3 months to ensure a beautifully moist cake.

Light fruit cake - a paler cake, made with cream cheese, dried fruits, lemon juice and brandy.  No spices in this one.  A lovely moist and fragrant cake.

Vanilla sponge cake – moist and delicious, filled with raspberry or strawberry jam & vanilla buttercream.

Lemon sponge cake, with zesty lemon curd and lemon buttercream filling.

Orange sponge cake, with zesty orange buttercream, chocolate buttercream or ganache.

Rich dark chocolate cake - a real favourite with chocoholics.  Popular fillings are dark or white chocolate buttercream or chocolate ganache.  A liqueur such as Baileys, Amaretto or Cointreau may be added to the filling for an extra taste sensation.

Light chocolate sponge with vanilla or chocolate buttercream filling.

Choc chip - vanilla sponge with dark or milk chocolate chips.  Vanilla or chocolate buttercream.

Double choc chip – light chocolate sponge with dark or white chocolate chips.  Chocolate buttercream filling.

Carrot cake - moist and gently spiced with cinnamon.  Contains chopped walnuts.  Filled with a delicious orange buttercream.

Coffee sponge cake - filled with Tia Maria flavoured buttercream.

Red Velvet cake - a light chocolate-flavoured sponge, tinted red, with vanilla buttercream filling.

Coconut sponge – a light, moist coconut sponge filled with lime or pineapple buttercream.  A touch of Malibu in the buttercream adds an exotic flavour.

If you would like something different, please ask. Tiered cakes can be made with different cakes and fillings for each tier. (Fruit cakes can only be stacked under sponge cakes for stability reasons).  

Please note that some flavours/types of cake are not suitable for certain cake styles - I will advise on this at your consultation (wedding cakes) or when you contact me to place your order (other cakes).

All fruit cakes will be covered with a layer of almond marzipan and sugarpaste.  Royal iced fruit cakes are available on request.

Sponge and chocolate wedding cakes can be coated with either a layer of marzipan or a layer of buttercream or ganache under the sugarpaste.  Other sponge and chocolate celebration cakes will be coated in buttercream or ganache under the sugarpaste.


Please note: Rich fruit cakes contain ground almonds, but may be made with or without chopped almonds. They will have a layer of almond marzipan under the sugarpaste.

Carrot cakes and Coconut cakes also contain nuts. These would not be suitable for someone with a nut allergy.

Other cakes do not contain nuts, but are made in a kitchen which uses nuts in some recipes, so cannot be guaranteed nut-free.

All my cakes normally contain butter, free-range eggs and wheat flours.

Please contact me if you require a cake that is dairy-free, gluten-free or vegan.